10 Tips in Planning a Launch Event

1. Have an event objective. While it is amazing that you are launching a new product, new look, service or anything, they do not pass as your event objective. So, after people have attended your launch event, what next? Does it translate to sales or brand awareness or what exactly?

2. Have a budget. If you don’t have a budget, you will just end up spending on impulse and likely run into debt.

3. Choose an event venue that reflects well on your brand launch and theme of launch. Also, make sure that the venue is easily accessible.

4. Design invites that shows exclusivity and creates a sort of vibe to your launch event. Even if your invites are sent online, you could try to put a little effort into customizing the invites per special invited guests.

5. Provide food and drink for guests. Whenever there is food and drink, there is bound to be conversations. And those are good for pictures! You don’t want people standing aloof at your launch event, mingling and networking enriches the launch event. You might not be able to serve a 3 course meal but even with a small budget, you can do something nice. Think canapés, slush, finger foods, chapman and you got the ball rolling.

6. You might want to consider hiring event staff to help manage the event properly. You will have so many things to attend to, plenty conversations to carry on with guests hence you have to be free to do other things.

7. If your launch event doesn’t have the press in attendance, then you are seriously joking. Plan a launch event that gets no media coverage? Now, who does that? A lot of times, we think the media won’t be interested because you do not have the clout of the big brands, absolutely false. By the way, the media isn’t always the local newspaper or TV station, it could be bloggers who have 2000 readers or an influencer with 10k follows and over 30% engagement rate. If you still want your event to be in the papers, you could send a one pager media kit detailing the who, why, where, what, and when of the event. However, make sure to write from an angle that portrays the event as an interesting one playing on the people in attendance and your overall brand mission.

8. Please, no launch event should be without some beat. Ever. Entertainment is super important! Think a DJ, a band, an upcoming artiste who has fans that deeply engage with their work, to add colour to the launch event. If push comes to shove and your budget won’t let you be great, then you can get a friend help you manage a record player at the event.

9. Appreciate your guests. You may not be able give cash wads or expensive hampers. But ensure you get thoughtful gift items for your guests. Something as personal, and memorable like a customised tote bag, t-shirts, little knick knacks and other gourmet items.

10. Follow-up. Your launch event plans should have a plan to collect data and follow up with your guests. You don’t have to become a pest just because you want them to follow up, talk about your event. There are creative ways like sending them link to the pictures taken at the launch event, tagging them on social media with creative captions, asking them to write you on what they liked about the event and what they felt could be better or wasn’t good etc. Just make sure you send a thank you email not later than a day after the event before you start the post event activities of juicing out data and sales conversion.
If you are planning a launch event anytime soon, all the best!


Event Planning Ideas for Business

Planning an event is usually very challenging; this is also true when it comes to corporate or business events. At the core of this challenge is coming up with a suitable idea for the theme. A well-founded theme sets the pace for the rest of the event planning. The theme usually takes into consideration the objective or purpose behind the business event. So let’s take a look at some general business event objectives and possible ideas to go with.


Team Building Ideas

If the objective of your event is centered around team building, you may want to make it agenda-driven. Just because it is to achieve team building does not mean you call it so – “team building”. You want to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible, and avoid any form of anxiety and eye-rolls. This event can include powerful training weaved into fun activity- something that bridges the gap between your organization and fun.Possible idea suggestions are:

  • Organize an old fashioned or digital scavenger hunt. This can be in the office, or at a special venue outside the office.
  • Laser tag – this is a great way to make adults go back to being kids again.
  • Breaking of a world record. This is a great way to bring a team together and have them walk away invigorated.


Out of the Office Ideas

There comes a time when it becomes a grind to just keep reporting to work day-in day-out, the same time and possibly in the same attire. Sometimes, this needs to change, and an opportunity to make that happen in during an event. Instead of having it hold within the office premise, you can take it out. This goes a long to create a comfortable environment for the employees and allows for more openness and relaxation. Even if it is going to be their usual work-related routine, it is important that sometimes it is made fun and memorable.Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Sports outing, whether it’s to a major or minor league team game.
  • Make a visit to a botanical garden, museum, or zoo.
  • Organise a company picnic for a weekend, with fun games and ask your employees to invite their families.


Paying It Forward Ideas

In today’s workforce, the place of a positive company culture cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, about 80% of workers expect the organisations they work for to make donations, particularly money or other volunteering acts, to people in need within their own communities.Memorable ideas to consider are:

  • Work at a food pantry and help to sort boxes of donated stuff like food, crackers etc. to distribute to shelters.
  • To serve at a program for underprivileged children – this can be reading or/andplaying games.
  • Adopt a house maker and related project. Here, employees can employ skills not necessarily applicable to work.
  • Volunteer for a skill-based activity. This is an opportunity to offer professional help for non profit.


Whatever the purpose of the business event – whether it is strictly business or pleasure, or combining the two, the above ideas can come in handy.