Event Management Tips for Beginners

The Event Management industry is a very interesting one and requires a great deal of not just interest and passion, but proper planning. The truth is that, for any event to be successful, it takes a lot. More so, no matter how much you put into the planning, there is bound to be something(s) going wrong. This is perhaps where you get to distinguish one event planner from another. They key in such a situation is to know what and how to handle things getting out of hand without losing it yourself. All of these can sometimes be daunting, especially at the beginning.Below are some tips to help.


Understand your Client

Knowing your client is usually the first step to becoming an expert in event planning and management. Obviously, you are going to be offering this service according to the description of your client and target audience. However, there are going to be times your client may miss out on some details, and your ability to fit in what was missing stands you out.


Be Flexible

No matter what kind of event you are planning and managing, expecting things to flow exactly the way you planned it is somewhat insane. It is only wise to expect that situations will arise that will demand a change or alteration in your initial plan. After all, the reason for planning the event is to make your guest feel good – even if it means making yourself feel bad. You maybe required to exercise flexibility when it comes to details such as the selected location, menus, band and other aspects of an event.


Mind your Budget

The importance of budgeting cannot be overemphasized when it comes to ensuring a successful event. Actually, your ability to handle and work with your budget goes a long way to tell of your event management competence. Always be mindful of your budget every step of the way. No matter how tight your budget is, there is always a solution it can fetch you – this is where your creativity comes to play. Avoid opting in for stuff that were not planned for and unnecessary.


Have a Plan

The success of any event rests on the shoulders of your plan. How great and comprehensive your plan is will reflect on the outcome of the event. All events are associated with mishaps, and the only way to minimize these mishaps is with a plan. As much as possible, get the details of your plan on paper, and it should be as comprehensive and simple as possible. Get in touch with people that will contribute in one way or the other to the event; and do this early enough. This way, you allow them enough time to prepare for the event.


As much as planning is important to have a successful event, it does not end there. In fact, the‘after-work’ is where the main work really is. Just having a plan does not translate to a successful event; making sure that everything aligns according to the plan is what does. It is important that from time to time, you check up on the progress of your plan. And in the event that you notice anything getting out of hand, ensure that it is addressed on time.


Event Planning Ideas for Business

Planning an event is usually very challenging; this is also true when it comes to corporate or business events. At the core of this challenge is coming up with a suitable idea for the theme. A well-founded theme sets the pace for the rest of the event planning. The theme usually takes into consideration the objective or purpose behind the business event. So let’s take a look at some general business event objectives and possible ideas to go with.


Team Building Ideas

If the objective of your event is centered around team building, you may want to make it agenda-driven. Just because it is to achieve team building does not mean you call it so – “team building”. You want to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible, and avoid any form of anxiety and eye-rolls. This event can include powerful training weaved into fun activity- something that bridges the gap between your organization and fun.Possible idea suggestions are:

  • Organize an old fashioned or digital scavenger hunt. This can be in the office, or at a special venue outside the office.
  • Laser tag – this is a great way to make adults go back to being kids again.
  • Breaking of a world record. This is a great way to bring a team together and have them walk away invigorated.


Out of the Office Ideas

There comes a time when it becomes a grind to just keep reporting to work day-in day-out, the same time and possibly in the same attire. Sometimes, this needs to change, and an opportunity to make that happen in during an event. Instead of having it hold within the office premise, you can take it out. This goes a long to create a comfortable environment for the employees and allows for more openness and relaxation. Even if it is going to be their usual work-related routine, it is important that sometimes it is made fun and memorable.Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Sports outing, whether it’s to a major or minor league team game.
  • Make a visit to a botanical garden, museum, or zoo.
  • Organise a company picnic for a weekend, with fun games and ask your employees to invite their families.


Paying It Forward Ideas

In today’s workforce, the place of a positive company culture cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, about 80% of workers expect the organisations they work for to make donations, particularly money or other volunteering acts, to people in need within their own communities.Memorable ideas to consider are:

  • Work at a food pantry and help to sort boxes of donated stuff like food, crackers etc. to distribute to shelters.
  • To serve at a program for underprivileged children – this can be reading or/andplaying games.
  • Adopt a house maker and related project. Here, employees can employ skills not necessarily applicable to work.
  • Volunteer for a skill-based activity. This is an opportunity to offer professional help for non profit.


Whatever the purpose of the business event – whether it is strictly business or pleasure, or combining the two, the above ideas can come in handy.